1 on 1 with Stanley “Boom” Williams


4 Star Stanley “Boom” Williams is currently down in Orlando, FL for the Offense-Defense Bowl. He is down there along with future Cats Thaddeus Snodgrass, Adrian Middleton, Blake Bone, Kobie Walker and Nick Richardson. Boom says, “It’s been great hanging out with them. I love these guys and can’t wait to play with them tonight and for the next four years.” The experience at the Offense-Defense Bowl has been a good one for “Boom” so far. This week has shown how flexible he is in the running game, but he acknowledges that he still has some work left to do with his game.

As Stanley gets ready to play at UK next fall, there is no one part of his game he wants to work on. “I want to work on my game as a whole, not just one part,” he said. Boom is described by ESPN as “a player with excellent speed to the edge and can turn the corner and go. Has a shorter, muscular frame that is built low to ground and tightly wound. Possesses scat-back type quickness and speed.”

Williams is a part of the best recruiting class in Kentucky school history. What is he most looking forward to at Kentucky? He can’t wait to play with the team and help turn the program around. As of right now Kentucky’s recruiting class is ranked 19th by ESPN, 13th by Rivals and 20th by 247 Sports. He has been proud of his future teammates down in Orlando, but none of them have really surprised him. Boom says, “I already knew what they were capable of coming into this week.” This whole class is ready to get on campus, and Stanley “Boom” Williams will be one of the most talented freshmen on the team next year.

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